Product Gallery

Continuous monorail Paint Baking Oven. Integrated with complete Plant System.
One of Three Bananza Horizontal 60,000 CFM direct fired makeup air unit for large manufacturing foundry operation.
500,000 BTUH glass melting furnace. Nozzle mix burner with FM valve train.
Coil annealing Bell Furnace. Multiple burner premix combustion system.
Continous web textile dryer.
Skid mounted pre-assembled IRI gas/air train.
Gas fired batch oven. Build-it-yourself kits available.
Two glass melting furnaces and two glory holes for educational glass studio.
Two of nine BANANZA vertical make-up air units for large steel mill facility. Each unit rated at 3MM BTUH and 35,000 CFM each.
Skid mounted combination gas/oil scrap preheater.