Products: Glassblower's Equipment

The breadth of our involvement in the transformation of glass in the manufacturing process, ranges from the large industries, to Universities, Institutions, and the Glass Artisans themselves.Abell Combustion, Inc. is your complete source of Combustion Equipment for your Hot Glass Studio. For theGlass Artisans, we offer a wide range of Burners, Controls, and Safety Systems to fit ones' needs and financial resources. All systems are engineered to the latest rules and regulations applying to the Combustion Field for ease of operation while utilizing State of the Art Equipment and Technologies to save energy, capital, and to increase production.

Our experience and philosophy dictated that we would use durable and Quality Components on every Combustion System we design. The use of some of these components are now commonplace on Furnaces and Glory Holes.

Not only do we provide the equipment, but we supply engineering and backup support for the Furnace and Glory Hole design. We will also work with you on the Inspection Process. Field installation and troubleshooting are available.

Abell Combustion, Inc. stocks a large supply of various gas and air valves, pressure switches, regulators, mixing equipment, phone dialers, thermocouples, flame safeguard and control equipment for immediate delivery. Burners and blowers are custom built and require about 3 weeks lead time.

Please contact us for pricing, since the pricing from the different manufacturers changes constantly. We offer competitive pricing along with vast knowledge of the integration of the components to the overall process of glass melting and reheating.