Products: Process Heating

Abell Combustion, Inc. has a complete line of gas, oil, and dual fuel burners, valves, control centers, accessories and flame monitoring systems for furnaces, ovens, and direct heating applications. We are dealers for the following manufacturers:

1.) ECLIPSE [web] - Burners, valves, flame safeguard, blowers, and gas boosters.

Manufactures a wide variety of gas and oil burners, blowers, safeguard and accessories for combustion systems. Eclipse is recognized as the world leaders in low emission burner technology. Lowering NOX emissions without elevating CO productivity that one expects in today's environment.

2.) MAXON [web] - Manufactures a full line of Industrial Burners and Combustion Equipment including Gas Burners, Oil Burners, Gas Valves, Flow Control Valves, and Low NOX Burners.

3.) SELAS / PYRONICS [web] - Burners, mixers, valves, flame safeguard, blowers, regulators.

Manufactures high efficiency burners, blowers, mixers, and the most accurate air-gas balanced zero regulator. Additionally, they manufacture valves, flame safeguard, and hard-to-find combustion accessories.

4.) HAUCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY [web] - Manufacturer of Industrial Burners and associated support equipment. Gas/Oil Burners, Turbo Blowers, Valves, Regulators and Combustion Controls.

5.) KROMSCHRODER [web] - Gas Controls and Safety Systems for the heat processing industry. Flame Safeguard, Solenoid Valves, Burners, Pressure Switches, Regulators, and Combustion Accessories.

6.) PROTECTION CONTROLS [web] - Single and multi-burner flame safeguard, custom control panels, U.V. scanners, and accessories.

7.) ANTUNES CONTROLS [web] - Air and gas pressure switches (Large inventory on-hand for immediate delivery).

8.) KARL DUNGS, Inc. [web] - Gas safety and control technology for commercial and industrial gas-fired systems. Product offerings represent a wide range of gas flow controls, air & gas pressure switches, safety valves (1/2" to 3" NPT), double modular safety valves, valve proving systems, gas pressure regulators, and actuator motors. UL, FM, and CSA approved.

1.) ASCO [web] - Asco combustion products, direct acting gas shutoff valves, vent valves, visual indicators, proof of closure, and manual reset valves. In stock.

10.) HONEYWELL - Process controls, hi-limits, modulating motors, pressure switches, gas valves, flame safeguard, and ignition transformers.

11.) PARTLOW - Process instrument and control systems. Hi-Limit controls available.

12.) RAPID INDUSTRIAL FINISHING GROUP [web] - An innovative leader in providing products and services for industrial paint and finishing systems and high efficiency building air management systems. Rapid provides Pre-treatment Washers, Dry-off and Cure Ovens, Batch Ovens, and System Engineered Products. Install-it-yourself Batch Oven kits are available in fifteen standard sizes and designed for 450 degrees F.