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Abell Combustion, Inc. is a national and international firm outstanding in the creative application of heating techniques to all forms of process and comfort heating.

Operating as a manufacturer's representative and dealer since 1971, Abell Combustion has specialized in the design, construction, and installation of industrial process heating systems, ovens, furnaces, multi-fired burner conversions, phosphate tank heating, food processing ovens, automotive spray booth applications, and Glass Lehrs.

Also during this time Abell Combustion forged ahead with progressive and innovative comfort heating techniques which are now the norm, specializing in Make-Up Air Units, Infra-Red Heaters, and Air Rotating Units. The results being Higher Efficiencies, Lower Operating Costs, Reduced Down Time, and a Cleaner Environment.

All combustion systems and equipment are engineered to the latest rules and regulations that comply with NFPA, OSHA, AGA, ETL, as well as, FM and IRI insurance standards.

Abell Combustion will engineer, supply, and install the most modern equipment and techniques to save energy, capital, and to increase production.

We work hard to maintain strong business relationships with our clients. Our clients define who we are and what we are. By working together problem solving the needs of our clients, it becomes a mutually rewarding experience that will continue well into the future.