Products: Glassblower's Equipment



(1) Burners: Abell Combustion has been designing Combustion Systems utilizing the below mentioned burners for their supreme performance and operating characteristics in Furnaces and Glory Holes for two decades. These burners will withstand the rigors of the harsh environment that they are subjected to.

a. Eclipse ThermJet Burners - An Industrial High Velocity
Nozzle - Mix Burner for Furnaces. They offer an exceptionally high Turndown ratio along with the lowest emissions in the Industry.

TJ015 -  150,000 BTUH
TJ025 -  250,000 BTUH
TJ040 -  400,000 BTUH
TJ050 -  500,000 BTUH

b. Giberson Burners - One of the most popular and durable burners for Furnaces and Glory Holes. They run on a High Pressure Gas Venturi System or a Low Pressure Gas Pre-Mix System.

B-650 -  50-195,000 BTUH
B-255 -  40-150,000 BTUH
B-250 -  36-120,000 BTUH
B-250S -  25-95,000 BTUH
B-7/32 -  20-70,000 BTUH
B-3/16 -  10-45,000 BTUH

c. Pine Ridge Enterprise - Heavy Duty Pre-Mix Burners for Glory Holes. They offer a very low noise level. For sizing purposes, please provide inside diameter and inside length of Glory Hole.

GH390 - for Glory Holes with a 2.5 Cubic Feet Volume
GH590 - for Glory Holes with a 5 Cubic Feet Volume
GH890 - for Glory Holes in excess of a 5 Cubic Feet Volume

2.) Blowers: High Quality, rugged, dependable, constant pressure
machinery. Optional Filtered inlets, and TEFC High efficiency Motors
are available. Please specify electrical characteristics.

a. Pyronics Blowers

LC 8 - 8 oz. Pressure, 166 CFM, capable of providing 1,000,000 BTUH

LC 16 - 16 oz. Pressure, 230 CFM, capable of providing 1,380,000 BTUH

b. Eclipse Blowers

SMJ 3619- 16 oz. Pressure, 255 CFM, capable of providing 1,500,000 BTUH

c. Chicago Blower

7 oz. Pressure, 209 CFM, Capable of providing 1,254,000 BTUH - Inexpensive blower for the performance.

3.) Mixers: The best mixers available for Furnaces and Glory Holes.

a. Pyronics Multi - Flow Mixers -An exceptional, adjustable,
high efficiency proportional mixer. Wide capacity ranges. Integral Gas adjuster and patented Air Tube Control for Optimum Burner performance. Sizes: 1” - 3” NPT outlet.

b. Pyronics Venturies- LP Gas or Natural Gas Venturi Mixer. Heavy cast iron construction. Simple to install and maintain. Sizes ¾” - 3” NPT outlet.

4.) Balanced Zero Regulators: The most important component on a
combustion system for the precise gas flow control of a pre-mix or nozzle mix burner system.

a. Karl Dungs Proportionator/ Zero Governor. The regulator holds a constant gas/air ratio during turndown by varying gas flow to the burner in proportion to combustion air flow. Adjustable ratio for excess air or gas operation. 1/2" --3" NPT.

5.) Automatic Gas Valves: Abell Combustion, Inc. offers only the finest
quality Gas Shut Off Valves on the market. All valves are tested and
approved to UL, FM, and CSA standards.

a. Eclipse Manual Reset Valves - Manual opening valve that automatically shuts off the gas supply to a combustion system when any interlocking limit switch opens. Sizes: ¾” NPT - 4” Flanged.

b. Asco Solenoid Valves - Normally closed direct acting Solenoid Valve provides positive shut off on the main gas line. Optional Features include “Visual Indication” and “Proof of Closure”. Sizes: 3/8” NPT - 3” NPT

c. Dungs Gas Valves- Single and dual Modular Safety Shut-off valves with provisions for Hi and Lo Gas Pressure Switch mounting. This design reduces overall Gas train size and complexity. Sizes: ½” NPT - 3” NPT.

6.) Manual Gas Valves: There are many different Manual Gas Valves on the market but they may not be appropriate for the precise gas flow and adjustment that is required on an intricate Combustion System. Abell Combustion supplies valves which serves these needs based on performance and design.

a. Ball Valves- Valves for on-off control. Optional Side Tap for mounting of gage. U.L. Listed, sizes- ¼” NPT - 2” NPT.

b. Metering Orifice Valve-Adjusts the gas flow for the desired
air/gas ratio on a Nozzle Mix Burner System by means of a
unique V-port design that allows for an extremely fine ratio
adjustment. Sizes: ½” NPT - 2” NPT.

c. Needle Valves- Heavy duty Bronze valve with large handle
rated @ 150# Pressure Maximum. Sizes: ¼” NPT - 1” NPT

7.) Air Valves:

a. Pyronics & Eclipse Manual Butterfly Valves - Economical
Manual Flow valve for Air or Gas. Cast iron body rated @
25 PSIG Max. Large easy-grip dial handle. High Temperature
models rated @ 750 degrees F. Sizes: ¾” - 4” NPT

b. Pyronics & Eclipse Automatic Butterfly Valves w/ Mounting
Package for Control Motors.- Motorized Butterfly Valves
are used for modulating air or gas flows to the burner by means of a modulating control motor. Sizes: ¾” - 6” NPT.

8.) Temperature Controllers: Abell Combustion, Inc. sells many different types of controllers. We have used the following on furnaces and annealers based on ease of operation and performance capabilities.

a. Watlow 981 Series - A very user friendly ramping control for Furnaces which offers (4) Files with (6) steps in each File for ramps, soaks, and time based profiles. Proportional or on-off capabilities.

b. Partlow 1166 - 1/16 DIN- microbased controller which holds up to (4) programs of (16) segments each. Proportional or on-off capabilities.

Parlow 1462 - ¼ DIN controller with (8) programmable set point programs and a maximum of (16) segments per program. Proportional or on-off capabilities.

Partlow Mic 6000 - Microbased ¼ DIN Controller with (8) programmable set point profiles. Each profile can have (6) Ramp and Soak segments. Proportional or on-off capabilities.

c. GB4 - Digitry Programmable Temperature Control for control of (5) independent annealers, Power sharing, extra program storage, and enhanced zone control.

d. GB1 - Digitry Programmable Temperature Controller with (10) stored profiles for a single Annealer, PC connection and graphing, and PID control.

e. Temperature Indicator - Economical Temperature Meter is designed for a variety of Temperature, Current and Voltage measuring applications. Excellent accuracy and small size. Selectable Thermocouple inputs: Type J,K,T,E,R,S, and B.

9.) Combustion Safeguards and Accessories:

a. Eclipse Vera - Flame, Single Burner - Microprocessor based Flame Safeguard w/ Indicating Lights to monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and control a single Burner Combustion System.

b. Eclipse Vera - Flame, Mounted in Custom Control Panel w/ Cutout(s) for Controller and/or Hi-Limit Mounting, Selector Switches and Lights. Will also build to customers’ specifications.

c. Protection Controls Single Burner Flame Safeguard For Manual or Automatic Lighting of Furnace - All Units are pre-wired and ready to install. Options include Dust-tight Steel Enclosure, Start Pushbutton, Flame Indicating Signal Light and Custom Designed Control Panels.

d. Ultra Violet Scanner - Monitors the Burners flame by sensing the Ultra Violet contained within. Options include Magnifying Lens, Heat Seal Assembly and Insulating/Purging Nipple.

10) Combustion Accessories:

a. Antunes Hi-Lo Dual Gas Pressure Switch in a single aluminum body with manual or automatic reset. Pressure ranges are 1” - 50” W.C. with set point indicators.

b. Antunes Air Pressure Switch - A cast iron aluminum industrial type Air Switch available in ranges of .07” - 35” W.C.. The switch is adjustable and has set point and range indication.

c. Control Motors - ( Honeywell, Dungs, and Eclipse ) - Used to operate Butterfly Valves. Models are available for a variety of Timings, Torques, and Control methods, including Two-Position and Current-to-Position proportioning ( 4-20 mA input ). All models are U.L. approved.

d. Pressure Gages - Air or Gas - Large, easy to read Black on White Scale. High Pressure series ranges from 0-160 PSI. Lo Pressure series ranges from 0-55” W.C. . ¼” and 1/8” NPT connections available.

e. Ignition Transformers - Heavy Duty industrial type. Primary 120V, Secondary 6000V.

f. Thermocouples - Abell Combustion offers a large variety of Thermocouples for use in virtually all High Temperature process applications. Types J,K,T,E,N,R,S, and B are offered. Options consist of Ceramic Protection tubes, numerous Sheath diameters and material, various Connection Heads and Mounting Hardware. Specify length for pricing.

g. Thermocouple Extension Wire - Specify length and gauge (Range 14-30).

h. Phone Dialer with Back-up Battery and AC Adapter - When the furnace shuts down unexpectedly the unit will call any combination of up to (4) regular telephones, cell phones, or pagers. It will deliver a customized, recorded message to telephones and a numeric code to pagers.